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Cameron Brown im Interview

Cameron Brown ist Ironman Triathlet aus Neuseeland. Er ist zwölffacher Gewinner des Ironman New Zealand (2001-2005, 2007-2011, 2015-2016) in Taupo, Neuseeland. In den Jahren 2001 und 2005 erlangte er seine bislang beste Platzierung, Platz 2, bei der Ironman Triathlon-Weltmeisterschaft in Kona, Hawaii. An der Spitze der Ironman Race Szene findet man Cameron auf seinem Merida WARP TT.

Wir haben uns mit ihm getroffen, um ein bisschen mehr über den Mann, über den Sport und seine Pläne für die Zukunft zu erfahren.

How long have you been taking parts in triathlons and since when professionally?

My first Triathlon was back in 1987 as a 14yr old at the Devonport Sprint Triathlon in Auckland. Back then every one raced against each other(one mass start) so even as a junior you would be on the start line with Rick Wells who was the first World Champion in 1987 and one of my hero's. I suppose I became a professional when I finished school at the age of 18 and went straight to Japan and did my first International season there. 

How did you get into the sport? (Often triathletes come from one discipline and then branch out - what was your 'starter discipline'?)

I had an interest in Cycling and had watched the Tour De France on TV when Irish man Stephen Roche won the Tour and loved it then my high school started up a Triathlon club and I started racing at school.

What was your inspiration / reason to get into the sport?

I had tried lots of sports out there, eg Rugby, Tennis, soccer, badminton, but as soon as I started Triathlon I knew this was the sport I would do for a long time, I guess the three disciplines kept you so busy and you never got bored.

What is your strongest and weakest discipline?

When I first started cycling was my strength and running was my weakest discipline but now that has changed and running is now my strongest discipline, you can't be weak in any sport so your always trying to improve.

What time do you spend on training the various disciplines and do you do them in succession?

When I'm in full Ironman training my biggest weeks are around 35-40hrs, 20-24km of swimming, 600-750km of cycling and 100-130km of running. I also do 2-3 gym and core sessions as well. Most days I will swim, bike and run, and I always do brick sessions which is biking and then straight into running. It's easy to run off the bike now days but when I first started my legs would feel like Jelly trying to run after a hard bike ride, like everything it gets easier the more you do of it.

While in an Ironman distance event I am sure you can across lots of 'dark' places or lows, where do you find the motivation to carry on and dig even deeper?

Ironman is such a long day so there are always times when your mind wonders and you go through some highs and lows. Nutrition is such an important part of the sport and if you forget about eating for 30mins then you can really pay for it later on in the race. Every few minutes I will be taking on water or a electrolyte drink, gels or some food.

How and when did you start working with Merida?

I started riding MERIDA this year (2016) and loved the bike straight away and had immediate success on it winning my 12th New Zealand Ironman title riding 8mins quicker than I have ever done over the course recording a time of 4:29hr for the 180km bike. I managed to break the course record by 7mins winning in a time of 8:07:58hr so I was pretty happy especially doing it at the age of 43yr!

What are your favourite aspects of the Warp TT?

It's super light but has incredible stiffness and it has so many options with setting up your ideal TT position, you can go super low if your a Pro Tour rider or be a little higher in the front end of the bike which is critical for Triathletes when they have to ride 180km over the Ironman.

Are you using any other Merida Bikes for training or racing?

Yes I'm also riding the MERIDA REACTO road bike and loving being on that, it's nice to be off the TT bike for a while and ride on a road bike as we have some great hills around where I live so I'm enjoying the roadie while I build back my fitness after a months break.

Triathlon is a sport, which normally embraces technical innovation. How important is that for you?

Innovation has always been at the forefront of Triathlon, there have been many technical innovations over the 30yrs I have been involved in this sport with Disc wheels, aero bars, aero wheels, STI then onto electric shifting, Power meters, and aluminium bikes onto carbon bikes. I love seeing new gear each year and always can't wait to be riding on something that may improve my performance even if its' by just 1%!

What are your thoughts on the current argument on disc brakes in road racing/events?

I was looking forward to seeing the Pro tour teams riding disc brakes this year, hopefully it will happen soon as I know the braking is just incredible compared to the standard we have now, In road racing it's so important to have fantastic braking but a Triathlon bike doesn't really require the same standards unless your riding in the mountains!

Have you got any tips and training tips for everyone who is interested in getting into the sport?

I think it's important to get a good coach to look after you, someone that has some years in the sport and experience. Triathlon training has come a long way since the early years but it still just requires hard work, dedication and consistency(eg don't train so hard that you have to take 3 days off, its a day in day out training approach that will get you great results.

What is your favourite race course and why?

My favourite course is Ironman New Zealand in Taupo. The swim is one of the best in the world with clear water, so good you have drink it during the swim course, the people of Taupo really get behind the event and it has an amazing finish line.

What event is next on your calendar and what are your goals for the future?

My next race will be Ironman 70.3 Taupo in December followed by the New Zealand Half Ironman Champs in January followed by Ironman New Zealand in March, I'd love to win this race again! lucky 13:)

A big THANKS to Cameron for taking the time and watch this space fo further race stories and results.

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